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Copper Ore Leaching Machine

Copper Ore Leaching Machine

1.this copper ore heap leaching is suitable for the low grade oxide copper ore 2.generally, the heap leaching plant capacity is 1000tons/time or higher

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Copper Ore Leaching Machine

Description of Mineral Acid Heap Leaching Process EPC/Turn-key Project

Mineral Acid Heap Leaching Process is based on the types of minerals and physical and chemical features of useful element, It's widely use in low grade gold purification and copper beneficiation industry.

Gold ore heap leaching is to crush low-grade gold ore to a certain size (or granulation), piled up in the asphalt, concrete or plastic materials etc materials paving leak-proof underlayer, with low concentrations of cyanide, alkaline solution, non-toxic solvent or dilute sulfuric acid solution sprayed on the heap, the gold dissolved, gold-containing solution leaching out of the heap, and then use activated carbon adsorption or zinc powder replacement precipitation methods catch gold, for copper ore, we use iron power etc for replacement.

copper ore leaching machine.jpg

The copper Oxide Acid Heap Leaching Process.

copper ore leaching machine2.jpg

The copper Oxide Acid Heap Leaching Experiment in my Lab.

Gold gravity Processing machine_副本_副本.jpg

 Acid Heap leaching production on site.

Gold gravity Processing machine_副本.jpg

copper flotation machine4.jpg

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