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CIP/CIL Machine

  • Electrolysis Equipment

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    Electrolysis Equipment

    Desorption electrolysis equipment complex is the key partin the cyanidatin carbon-in-pulp gold refining process.Read More

  • Frame Purification Tank

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    Frame Purification Tank

    Frame purification tank is a kind of the traditional filter,which the pregnant solution is pumped out in achieving the filtering through the external vacuum force.Read More

  • Deoxygenation Tower In Gold CIP Plant

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    Deoxygenation Tower In Gold CIP Plant

    The vacuum device is exclusive.
    We can design and make the screen according to the customer's special requirements.
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  • Deoxygenation Tower

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    Deoxygenation Tower

    Deoxygenating tower is a kind of vacuum deoxidation equipment, acting as the deoxygenating functions before the displacement of the cyanidation pregnan't solution.It is equipped with spray thrower and leveling device.Read More

  • Multi Layer Washing Thickener

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    Multi Layer Washing Thickener

    Multi-layer wash thickener is mainly used in the washing process in the gold cyanidation plant. Its features are the multi-stage counter current washing in a continuous way.Read More

  • CIP

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    1.Application: The gold tailings (0-1% grade)
    2.Recovery: Above 90% (this is the highest recovery rate in the gold recovery method)
    3.Capacity: the lowest capacity is 50tpd, generally, 100-1200tpd
    4.Application scope: around the world, often in Africa.
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  • Rectilinear Vibration Screen

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    Rectilinear Vibration Screen

    ZS rectilinear vibration screen is a special close-mesh screen designed for carbon in pulp manufacturers. It is used to screen the foreign matters like wood chips mixed into the ore pulp before leaching.It is generally acts as a safety screen after discharging the immersed...Read More

  • High Efficiency Thickener

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    High Efficiency Thickener

    GX high efficiency thickener is a kind of a high efficiency thickener in case that no flocculent agent is added.Compared with the common thickener,it has the following structural features:long receiving unit in the middle;no large diameter of receiving tray at the...Read More

  • Peripheral Traction Thickener

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    Peripheral Traction Thickener

    NG thickener is a kind of the peripheral traction thickener based on the running roller type.The large-scale thickener usually adopts such type of the peripheral traction way.Read More

  • Center Drive Thickener

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    Center Drive Thickener

    NZ(S)(also called THZ) thickener is a center driven type,which is traditional thickening equipment with a long application history.In less than 12m of diameter,the thickener is based on the manual handle type; in more than 12m of diameter ,the thickener usually adopts the...Read More

  • Center Driving Thickener

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    Center Driving Thickener

    1. Application: It is generally used for the thickening of concentration or dewatering of tailings before filter.
    2. Capacity: 5-1400tph
    3. Power: 1.1-7.5kw
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  • Ore CIL

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    Ore CIL

    1. Application:Around the world, often in Africa.
    2. Capacity:The lowest capacity is 50tpd. Generally, 100-1200tpd.
    3. Recovery:Above 90% (this is the highest recovery rate in the gold recovery method)
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