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Agitating Carbon-immersing Tank

Agitating Carbon-immersing Tank

1.this machine is used for the agitation of higher concentration pulp, such as mixing after concentration, mortar mixing etc 2.the stirring concentration of 75%, the upper and lower helical two opposite impeller 3.stirring impeller is wear-resistant.

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Dual Impeller High-efficient Agitating Carbon-immersing Tank


This product is used in Carbon In NPulp flow and cyanidation process, the carburized tank should match up with other auxiliary devices like carbon separation screen and recessed impeller pump etc. Its structural features are: the upper and lower layer of impellers are made of steel plate rubber coating which are connected by the bolts. Its advantages are good balance, east replacement, and long service life. The main shafts are divided into the upper layer and the lower layer, which are connected by means of locating flanges, its advantage is to reduce the lifting height. It is possible to inflate at several points, its advantage is the good mixing performance.

Selection Instructions

Planet cycloid reducing motor is usually adopted. It is in simple structure and low price. If the worm gear driving system is required, please specify it in your order.


Technical Parameters

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