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Gold Ore CIP Equipment

Gold Ore CIP Equipment

1.Gold Cip Plant is a gold recovery plant in higher grade, comparing flotating, gravity, etc. 2.Its capacity is generally big, it generally starts with 100TPD-1200TPD. 3.CIP flow is mainly using the leaching cyanidation process, which widely used on the gold tailings recovery.

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Carbon in Pulp (CIP) processing gold raw ore feasibility Overview

The gold mine basic program of the CIP gold extraction process is raw ore finely ground, pre-screened, after dehydration by conventional cyanidation leaching gold minerals, and the monovalent gold cyanide pulp with activated carbon adsorption (NaAu (CN) 2), gold loaded carbon after washing sent desorption electrolysis process, and the high temperature and pressure without cyanide desorption electrolysis technology desorption electrolysis. Desorption of carbon after activation treatment by a certain percentage return CIP process, the electrolytic output the powder can direct smelting into gold bullion, the cyanide tailings Returns flotation recovery of copper. The program under laboratory conditions to achieve the desired effect, the metal recovery rate of 90% or more.

Carbon in Pulp (CIP) gold extraction process and technical points

Cyanide leaching process is formed by 5 specifications 4.0m * h4. 5 m and pulp artesian stirring inflatable leach tanks in series, from a height to the lower order and named 1 # -5 # leaching tank (# 1 pretreatment slot, # 2-5 the cyanide leaching slot), pulp full of # 1 slot by gravity followed by full back slot. During cyanide leaching process, maintaining the slot of sodium cyanide concentration of 0.03% to 0.07%, the basicity (CaO concentration) of 0.02% -0.03%, pulp pH = 10, cyanide leaching time was 8h, in this condition, the leaching rate of gold up to 98.5%.

When equilibrium of cyanide leaching of the respective grooves (longer consume NaCN), activated charcoal was added, in each of the grooves, and into a carbon adsorption operations. Adsorption process, with the center of the hollow shaft inflatable and maintaining continuous agitation, # 1 # -3 carbon density of 12-20 g / L, 4 # -5 # grooves carbon density of 20-30g / L, a carbon adsorption time6-8h, the absorption rate of more than 98%.

Carbon in Pulp (CIP) gold extraction process and technical points

Gold charcoal slurry process uses the pulp lifter, as well as the reverse string charcoal screen between each groove connection at the installation level. Charcoal adsorption equilibrium of each slot, CIP lifter containing charcoal slurry extracted from the # 5 slot to the # 4 slot, grade pulp to pass through sieve Back # 5 slot. The loaded carbon can not stay in the # 4 slot through the screen, and so on. Last loaded carbon all entered the # 1 slot. After the density of the loaded carbon after pulp lifter extracted from the # 1 slot for 1 mm vibrating screen cleaning, storage canister sealed and sent to the the desorption electrolysis process. Cyanidation tailings Returns the # 1 slotand enter jobs flotation recovery of copper.

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