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Gold Ore Leaching Machine

Gold Ore Leaching Machine

1.Gold Cip Plant is a gold recovery plant in higher grade, comparing flotating, gravity, etc. 2.Its capacity is generally big, it generally starts with 100TPD-1200TPD. 3.CIP flow is mainly using the leaching cyanidation process, which widely used on the gold tailings recovery.

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Gold Ore Leaching Machine

Process Feature

The flotation-ore concentrate cyanidation process is usually used for vulcanized primary ore and the ores with low silt content and high recovery rate are easy to concentrate during flotation. Feature: after the flotation and concentration, the gold grade is improved, less material gets into cyanidation procedure. The consumption of cyanide is reduced, and as a result, the environmental pollution is minimized. In this way, construction investment and production cost is reduced and the goal of on-site gold concentration is achieved.

Flotation-ore concentrate cyanidation process is applicable for processing auriferous quartz type sulfide ore. Hence, the metal sulfide ore flotation concentrate with higher gold content cannot use cyanidation process before calcinations.

The total recovery for the above ores that pass through the flotation-cyanidation process is about 95%. Additionally, acidization can be used to process the cyanide collected from tailings sewage. In this way, about 70% of cyanide in barren solution can be recycled. Acidization principle: under acidic condition, the high-concentration cyanide(2100-2300 mg/L) in barren solution can release highly toxic HCN gas that can be absorbed in NOH to produce NaCN. Acidization recycling cyanide presents significant business economic benefit and environment benefit.

Technological Process

Raw orejaw crusherrotary cone crushersieving machinespiral classifierenergy saving grate millrough separation machinescavenging machineconcentration machineflotation concentrate ball mill(wash 1) single-tray thickener(leaching 1)leach tank(leaching 2) leach tank(wash 2) three-tray thickenerdeoxygenation towerfilterzinc powder feeding machinesubstitution press filtercyanidation gold slimeprocessing by barren solution acidization method.


Key Technical Parameters and Technological Conditions of Ore Concentrate Cyanidation

Grinding particle size: 400 meshes accounting for 98%; leaching time 36 hours; cyanide consumption: 3.5kg/t of ore concentrate; extract concentration: 0.15-0.2%; washing water ratio: 1:4; leaching rate: 97%; wash rate: 99.5%; displacement ratio: 99.5%; total recovery rate of cyanidation: 95.5%.


Supporting Equipment for the Major Equipment for Rock Gold Mine with a Daily Processing  Capacity of 100t/d-1000t/d

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