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Gold Ore Flotation Processing Machine

Gold Ore Flotation Processing Machine

1.Gold flotation recovery rate is 80-90%, which is higher than gravity separating 2.Gold flotation flow inlcudes the equipments:feeder, crusher, grinding,flotating, thicknering, etcs. 3.This gold flotation is suitale for high grade gold outputtings

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Gold Ore Flotation Process

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Gold flotation is widely use in the gold concentration processing industry, often used in dealing with virious of sulfide mineral which contain gold ore, flotation process can maximize to enrichment of gold content, tailings can be directly discarded, low mineral processing cost. In China, more than 80% of rock gold are used to sort out by this flotation process.



Gold ore upgrade flotation plant is suitable for the treatment of fine size gold particles, high floatability of sulfide gold-bearing quartz gold ore and carbon (graphite) type gold ore.

The results of flotation process indicates that the recovery rate of sulfide ore flotation is about 90% and sometimes reach 95% ~ 97%; the recovery rate of oxdized gold ore is about 75% and 80% ~ 85% respectively.

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