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Gold Mining Centrifugal Concentrator

Gold Mining Centrifugal Concentrator

1.Centrifugal Concentrator is a centrifugal mining equipment can recovery of placer gold, rock gold, lode gold and monomeric gold in multi-metal ore 2.It replaced amalgamating table and ideal for gold washing in rock gold recovery, dry land and riverway 3.The recovery rate of this centrifugal concentrator is 70-85%

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Gold Mining Centrifugal Concentrator



STL type gold mining centrifugal concentrator is a kind of new sorting fine grained ore gravity equipment, mainly used for gold, silver, tin, manganese, tungsten, iron, uranium, rare earth and other minerals beneficiation.

In particular for placer gold and rock gold recovery, replace of the mercury plate operation. It becomes to the best choice for dry land gold, river gold, rock gold processing etc. After various of the gold processing experiment, the monomer separation gold recovery rate is above 99%.

Rock gold discharge cycle is 1-4 hours, placer gold is 4-8 hours, enrichment ratio is up to 500-1000 times.

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1. High concentrating ratio and high recovery

2. Stable and reliable operation

3. Environmentally friendly(No chemical, No mercury)

4. Low water and Low electricity requirement

5. Low production cost, easy operation and maintenance

6. Less space requirements

Technical Specifications

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