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Knelson Centrifugal Concentrator

Knelson Centrifugal Concentrator

1.Centrifugal Concentrator is a centrifugal mining equipment can recovery of placer gold, rock gold, lode gold and monomeric gold in multi-metal ore 2.It replaced amalgamating table and ideal for gold washing in rock gold recovery, dry land and riverway 3.The recovery rate of this centrifugal concentrator is 70-85%

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Knelson Centrifugal Concentrator

Knelson Centrifugal Concentrator is a new type of gravity concentration equipment for gold separating and other high density minerals. The centrifugal machine has many competitive advantages compared with other concentration machines which create high returns for the investors.

We have fully-automatic (Knelson Continuous Variable-Discharge, CVD type) and semi-continuous(Batch type) centrifugal gold concentrators.

Since 1985, three models of centrifugal concentrator have been developed. Application shows that the recovery can be as high as 99%, especially for the case in recovering the natural gold in lode ore with 65% of the ore having a milling size of 0.074mm, the recovery for the natural gold is expected up to 98%. For that natural gold of 0.004mm in particle size, the recovery is 97%. The cleaning up cycle is 1~4 hours. And the upgrade ratio is up to 1,000 times.

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Working Principle

The hollow shaft of this equipment can be driven by electrical motor transmission part through belt driving, making the rotation inner sleeve rotate in a high speed to produce centrifugal force. The slurry will be fed into the rotation inner sleeve through feeding pipe, and the slurry particle will be separated under the action of centrifugal force field. The heavy mineral will be remained in the cell guide of rotation inner sleeve, and the light mineral will be discharged through the launder of tailing. After one shift work and stop running, the concentrate will be discharged through the concentrate discharge outlet.



1) High recovery rate: Through our test, the recovery rate for placer gold can be 98% or more, for rock gold, the recovery rate could reach 97% when the feeding size is below 7mm.

2) Easy to install: Only a small leveled place required. It's a full line machine, before starting it, we only need to connect the water pump and power.

3) Easy to adjust: There are only 2 factors that will affect the recovery result, they are water pressure and feeding size. By giving proper water pressure and feeding size, you could get the best recovery effect.

4) No pollution: This machine only consumes water and electric power, and exhaust tailings and water. Low noise, no chemical agent involved.

5) Easy to operate: After finishing the water pressure and feeding size adjust, clients only need to recover the concentrates every 2-4 hours. (Depending on the grade of the mine)


Centrifugal Separator Technical Parameter

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Note: The standard feeding density is 35%. The recoiling water pressure is (0.03-0.06) MPa

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