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Arc Plate Electrostatic Separator Technique Using
Nov 01, 2018

Arc Plate Electrostatic Separator Technique Using

For all zircon sand mines, the arc plate electrostatic separator is not strange, after all it is very important equipment in whole zircon sand processing. So, today let us know more about the arc plate electrostatic separator function in zircon sand processing:

1.Feeding part:

As you can see, in the top feeding part, there is a box for feeding material, and on the side surface of box, there are six holes, which is for equiping six heating pipes for heating material.

2.Acr plate electrostatic separating part(main part):

As you can see, there are four layers, each layer, there is four arc plates, one is in each side. For every double parallel arc plates, one is connecting ground wire,one is connecting fire wire. The arc plate connecting fire wire can adsorb the material with conductivity, the material without conductivity will fall down the next layer...

3.The electrostatic processing:

The electrostatic processing is separating the material with conductivity and nonconductivity by four layers arc plate with electricity. As you can know, from the top layer to the end layer, the conductivity material in raw material will be fewer, so the zircon sand can be recovery mostly.

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