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Chrome Ore Grade and Mining Technical Index of Chromium Ore
Oct 24, 2018

Chrome Ore Grade and Mining Technical Index of Chromium Ore

Chrome ore grade




Mineral deposit and type of ore

Endogenic deposit

Rich ore

Lean ore

v (Cr2O3) %

Cutoff grade

over 25

over 5

Minimum industrial grade

over 32

over 12

The minimum mining thickness of ore



The rock eliminating thickness of ore



Mining technical index of chromium ore

1.Chromite or concentrate used for metallurgy, when smelting by fire, v (Cr2O3) / v (FeO)>2 (The extraction of metal chromium by wet process is not restricted); v (SiO2)≤8% (High carbon chromium smelting by mineral heat is not restricted); v (P)≤0.09%, v (S)≤0.05%.

2.Chromite or concentrate for refractories, v (SiO2)≤10%, v (CaO)≤2%, v (FeO)≤14%.

3.Chromite or concentrate for chemical industy, v (SiO2)≤8%, v (Al2O3)≤15%.

4.Chrome ore for pyroxene cast stone, v (Cr2O3)(10~20%), v (SiO2)≤10%.

5.When the total amount of associated platinum group elements in chromite is (0.3~0.4)310-6, it should be evaluated.

6. Select the minimum mining thickness of the rich ore, 0.5m for the single ore layer and 0.3m for double ore layers.

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