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The Influence of PH Value on Flotation Minerals
Dec 06, 2018

The Influence of PH Value on Flotation Minerals:

In the flotation process of minerals by flotation machine, the collector added is needed to produce chemical or physical reactions with the flotation particles. In this process, chemical reactions usually occur in alkaline environment, so, what PH value is conducive to the flotation process?

copper ore flotation plantIn flotation of lean iron ore, the value of PH has a great influence. When pH is less than 9, the floatation machine bubble is sticky, poorly mineralized and tailing grade is high. If tailings treatment measures are not reasonable, it means a lot of tailings will be lost, which will inevitably cause immeasurable economic losses. When PH is too high, the foam is brittle and the flotation speed is very fast. However, the phenomenon of middling ore dropping is serious. Practice shows that the most suitable PH value should be between 9.8 and 10. Under unsuitable acid and alkali conditions, the concentration of collector samples changed, which affected the performance of the collector. The direct result is that the flotation machine only works, but it does not have much efficiency, which means that the mineral particles can not be separated from the pulp very well.


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