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On 3rd Jan, 2019, Flotation Process
Jan 03, 2019

On 3rd Jan, 2019, Flotation Process 

Flotation is a complex physical and chemical process in the gas, liquid and solid three-phase system. Its essence is that hydrophobic useful minerals adhere to the surface of bubbles and float, while hydrophilic gangue minerals remain in the pulp, so as to separate each other. The flotation process is completed in a flotation machine. It is a continuous process, which can be divided into the following four stages.

1. Raw material preparation

Raw material preparation before flotation includes grinding, slurry mixing, dosing, mixing, etc. After grinding, the grain size of raw materials should meet the requirements. The main purpose is to separate most useful minerals from the monomer in the mosaic state. The other purpose is to make the air bubbles carry the mineral particles to float, which usually needs grinding to less than 0.2 mm.

2. Stirring aeration

Relying on the agitator of the flotation machine to agitate and inhale air, special pressure device can also be set up to press air in. Its purpose is to make the mineral particles suspended and produce a large number of bubbles of suitable size and stability, resulting in the chance of contact and collision between mineral particles and bubbles.

3. Mineralization of bubbles

After being treated with flotation suspensions, the surface hydrophobic minerals can be attached to the bubbles and gradually float up to the surface of the ore to form mineralized foam. Surface hydrophilic mineral particles can not adhere to bubbles and remain in the pulp. This is the most basic behavior of mineral separation by flotation.

4. Mineralized foam blowing out

In order to maintain continuous production, the mineralized foam is discharged in time and the scraper is rotated by the flotation machine. The product is called foam concentrate. The products left in the pulp and discharged are called tailings.


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