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Seeing Such Stones, There Maybe Mines Nearby.
Nov 15, 2018

Seeing Such Stones, There Maybe Mines Nearby.

1The picture is thin, single polarized light.


The image above is thin, orthogonal polarized light:

1. We look at this stone, dense, not very clear ah, can only see inside the larger block of orthogonal light under the brown, is amphibole.

2. After magnification, we can find that besides amphibole, there are chlorite, epidote and quartz.

3. We can see that amphibole and other minerals are interlaced, amphibole is very broken, "ragged clothes", which means that chlorite, epidote and other dissolution amphibole.

4. Apart from the amphibole that can be removed from this rock, all the other rocks have been altered and disappeared into chlorite and epidote.

5. This is very strong chlorinite and epidote.

6. Chlorinite and epidote are a kind of hydrothermal alteration in middle and low temperature. Attention should be paid to the fact that there must be chloritization and epidemization in some minerals, and there must be no minerals in others.

7. Since there may be mines, look for it. Indeed, it is found not far from chalcopyrite.


8.The bright yellow (too long to take pictures, bright white) in the picture above is chalcopyrite. The bright gray, pockmarked chalcopyrite is wrapped in it.


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