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Inflatable Type Sub Aeration Flotation Machine

Inflatable Type Sub Aeration Flotation Machine

1.This machine is used for gold/copper flotation flow 2.The model of this machine is based on capacity and material 3.If you are interested in, pls feel free to contact me.whatapp:+8615991850733

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Inflatable Type Sub Aeration Flotation Machine


The main shaft of BS-K type flotation machine is hanging on the chassis, It is featured as the light  bearing structure, convenient installation, and great verticality the conical section of the impeller, the radial pattern of stator, little wear, long service life and the powerful agitation force.“U”-shape tank reduces the assembly of ore in the bottom tank; the main shaft parts are light; the stator is installed  in the tank bottom in a convenient installation way. The installed power is small with energy conservation; the compressed air is filled with the homogeneous dispersion of air bubble of which it is featured as the stability of froth, good suspension of mineral grain and high recovery rate.

The product is divided into several units including single slot, double slots, three slots, four slots, five slots, six slots, etc. There is no self-priming pulp and air suction capacity.

The flow of pulp is presented with the graded arrangement. The return motion of froth depends on the froth pump.

Selection Description

In placing your order, it is necessary to specify the model and quantity as well as the following flotation parts:

1. Configuration scheme and feeding modes;

2. Quantity of the scrapers and driving mode (Right or Left  Direction);

3. Quantities of feeding chambers, intermediate chambers and original chambers; 

4. Other special requirements.

5. No electric control cabinet will be provided.

6. The flashboard will be made according to the manufacture’s drawings. And the electric flashboard will be adopted for the large-scale flotation machine.

Technical parameter

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