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JJF Flotation Machine

JJF Flotation Machine

1.This machine is used for gold/copper flotation flow 2.The model of this machine is based on capacity and material 3.If you are interested in, pls feel free to contact me.whatapp:+8615991850733

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JJf Flotation Machine


This product has a bottom and diversion tube,not sink to the slot; the umbrella-shaped stator has hole dispersing cover as stabilizer to ensure a smooth surface and the foam layer stability; cylindrical impeller, submerged depth shallow, low peripheral speed, low power consumption, 1-2% higher recovery rate than the general type; high capacity, reliable performance.

This product have the ability of self-priming air, but no the ability of self-priming pulp.

When using alone, it needs ladder configuration, and the drop gap is 300-400mm. The foam returning needs the foam pump.

Selection Instructions

1. When ordering, except indicate the model and quantity, please provide the flotation process, provide the followings:

① Configuration scheme and feeding method;

② Scraper drive system number and transmission mode (right drive, left drive);

③ The quantity of feeding part, medium part, tailing part.

2. The motor starters are not equipped by factory.

3. The damper will be manufactured according to the plant drawing,heavy flotation machine uses the electric damper.

Technical Parameters

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