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XJK-A Flotation Machine

XJK-A Flotation Machine

1.This machine is used for gold/copper flotation flow 2.The model of this machine is based on capacity and material 3.If you are interested in, pls feel free to contact me.whatapp:+8615991850733

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XJK-A Flotation Machine


This product is the earliest flotation machine from the Soviet Union. It is the self-absorption for air and pulp; medium mine is easy to return to achieve gravity flow; no need auxiliary equipment; neat configuration, easy maintenance. However the shortcoming is small inflatable volume and high power consumption. Impeller and cover plate are made of rubber.


Selection Instructions

1. When ordering, except indicate the model and quantity, please provide the flotation process, provide the followings:

① Quantity of foam scraper drive system;

② Concentrate flowing direction.

2. The motor starters are equipped by factory.

Technical Parameters

XJK(A) Flotation Machine2.jpg

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