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1000TPD Diamond Washing DMS Shallow Chute Separator Is Manufacturing
Jul 12, 2018

On 12nd July, 2018, 1000TPD diamond washing DMS shallow chute separator is manufacturing.


What is the DMS Plant?

DMS plant(Dense Media Separation Plant)involves a process that uses the principle of gravity to separate materials with

different densities. Dense Media Separation is an efficient initial process to separate diamonds from diamond bearing

material, after which the material will be further processes for the final diamond recovery.


How about the medium of DMS plant? and how does this work on this diamond ore processing plant?

A DMS plant requires the use of Ferrosilicon, a Ferroalloy of Silicon and Iron, which is used in a powdered form.

The Ferrosilicon powder is suspended in water, to form a pulp that is close to the density of diamonds (3.52 g/cm3). Once the ideal density is reached, the diamond bearing material is added to the slurry, and the separation process will begin. Gravity will make the heavy minerals sink to the bottom, while the lighter material will rise to the top. This process effectively separates diamonds from other material using the law of gravity. The mixture will also swirl at low speed, which will force heavier materials to the walls and bottom of the cyclone, to be filtered from the rest.

DMS separation plant.png

The above is about the main equipment in DMS diamond recovery plant---shallow chute separator.

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