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On 10th Aug, 2018, About The Knowing Of “Abdominal Distention” Of Ball Mill?
Aug 10, 2018

On 10th Aug, 2018, about the knowing of “Abdominal distention” of ball mill?


What is the “Abdominal distention” of ball mill?

When ball mill is working stably, the feeding material amount is equal to the outputting of ball mill. However, there are some reasons, like the return sand and raw ore amount increasing, which can make ball mill loading material increase, over than the largest processing ability of ball mill so that it cannot discharge the materials. Those materials are gradually accumulated, which make the ball mill losing the function of grinding. This situation is called the “Abdominal distention” of ball mill.

What does this “Abdominal distention” of ball mill cause?

“Abdominal distention” of ball mill not only makes the ball mill lose the function of grinding and break the stable working of ball mill, but also it will cause the wave to the feeding density and fine size, which can influence the ore separating normal work. Besides, the Abdominal distention will also break the ball mill.

The below pic is about the ball mill in Mali gold ore processing site, pls reference:ball mill.jpg

ball mill.jpg

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