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On 15th Nov, 2018, The Study Of Copper Ore Processing Equipments!
Nov 15, 2018

On 15th Nov, 2018, The Study of Copper Ore Processing Equipments!



As one of the key minerals in metal minerals, copper mining will undoubtedly promote the overall progress of society. In this case, in order to effectively improve the recovery rate of copper ore and reduce production costs, it is necessary to use beneficiation agents with lower toxins to avoid environmental pollution.


Mineral processing technology and process

In the process of ore dressing, especially in the grinding process, we must adhere to the principle of "more crush and less grinding", and strive to make full use of the new energy-saving technology and new green environmental protection equipment in the process of copper ore dressing. Generally speaking, when adopting new energy-saving, environmental protection and high efficiency equipment, once grinding operation is needed, it is necessary to improve the equipment according to the actual situation of mineral resources, plan the crushing time and grinding particle size in detail, and adjust the grinding operation time, grinding machine speed and grinding medium accordingly. Quality matching, try to use some new steel wire materials, lining materials and grinding aids.For example, most of the mineral resources are ordinary copper ores, which usually use three processes, one is the first time roughing, the other is two or three times cleaning, and the last is one or two times cleaning.

Copper mining equipment selection principles

First, when selecting equipment, it is necessary to meet the requirements of the size of the concentrator, the form of equipment, the nature of ore and the technological process.

Second, try to choose some new equipment with high quality and energy saving and environmental protection.

Thirdly, some national stereotyped products with the characteristics of simple maintenance, safety, reliability and convenient operation are also the main objects of copper mine equipment selection.

Fourthly, in the process of selecting copper mine equipment, it is necessary to take full account of the fluctuation of processing capacity caused by the change of ore properties.

Fifth, the selected copper equipment must have the characteristics of convenient supply and reliable source.Copper ore processing plant

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