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On 16th Aug, 2018, What Are The Main Factors Effecting The Magnetic Separating Of Magnetic Separator?
Aug 16, 2018

On 16th Aug, 2018, What are the main factors effecting themagnetic separating of magnetic separator?


For magnetic separator, the main factors are: magnetic intensity and polar distance.

1. With the bigger of mineral size, the magnetic intensity becomes bigger.

2. When the electric current is fixed, changing polar distance can change the magnetic intensity and change the gradient of magnetic

For mineral, the main factors: the mineral size, shape, the content of strong magnetic intensity and the degree of oxidation of mineral.

1.The shape of mineral is different, its magnetic in magnetic field is also different

2.The bigger of mineral size, the stronger of magnetic intensity it needs.

3.The degree of oxidation of mineral is deeper, its magnetic is weaker, so it needs stronger magnetic field

4.The content of strong magnetic mineral is fewer, stronger it needs magnetic fields intensity.

The below is about the dry type single roller magnetic separator:

zircon sand magnetic separator.png

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