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On 21st Sep, 2018, DESEN Took Part In The Chrome Ore Product Conference In HOHHOT Of Inner Mongolia In China
Sep 21, 2018

On 21st Sep, 2018, DESEN took part in the chrome ore product conference in HOHHOT of Inner Mongolia in China

As the below pic you can see, it is group photo of Juana and chrome ore clients, pls kindly check:

 Chrome ore processing plant.png

This conference is mainly introducing the chrome ore market situation and predicting the future of chrome ore market, and there are many domestic and oversea chrome miners coming to this conference for knowing chrome ore market and know more relative people in chrome ore circle. In this conference, there are many chrome ore miners, who need to Chrome ore processing plants for upgrading the chrome ore grade. And for us, we have already been working on chrome mining equipments for over 20 years, now we are building a circle of miners, us, and chrome buyers, which will make three parties have the opportunity to make money.

So, no matter you are the miner or buyer of chrome, pls feel free to contact me by whatapp/wechat:+8615991850733

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