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On 22nd Aug, 2018, The Introduction Of Flotation Machines
Aug 22, 2018

On 22nd Aug, 2018, The Introduction of Flotation Machines.


The flotation machine is suitable for the separation of non-ferrous metals as well as non-metals such as coal, fluorite and talc. The flotation machine is driven by the motor triangle belt drive impeller rotation, resulting in centrifugal formation of negative pressure, on the one hand, sucking sufficient air and pulp mixing, on the other hand, stirring pulp and drug mixing, while refining the foam, so that mineral bonding foam, floating to the surface of the pulp to form mineralized foam. Adjust the height of the gate and control the liquid level, so that the useful foam is scraped out by the scraper.          

Basic Requirements           

1.Good inflation

The flotation machine must ensure that the pulp absorbs enough air (some of which are compressed by external fans) and disperses as much as possible throughout the tank. The finer and more average the air dispersion, the more opportunities the particles have to contact the air bubble, and the higher the flotation efficiency.           


The flotation machine must ensure a good stirring effect on the pulp, so that the ore particles are not precipitated but suspended and evenly distributed in the tank, while promoting the dissolution of some insoluble reagents, in order to facilitate the full role of reagents and ore particles.           

3.Cycle activity

The cyclic movement of pulp in the flotation machine can increase the contact chance between ore particles and bubbles.           

4.Can adjust slurry level and work continuously

In flotation process, sometimes the thickness of the foam layer and the pulp flow need to be adjusted. And in production, from ore feeding to flotation concentrate and tailings discharge is a continuous process.   

Copper ore flotation plant.jpg

*this pic is about the copper ore flotation separating site in Tanzania.


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