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On 22nd Nov, 2018, WTO Decide To Investigate Steel And Aluminum Tariff In USA.
Nov 22, 2018

On 22nd Nov, 2018, WTO Decide to Investigate Steel and Aluminum Tariff in USA.


The Geneva-based World Trade Organization (WTO) decided Wednesday to investigate the legality of imposition of import tariffs on steel and aluminium on national security grounds in the USA. The USA side said the WTO’s decision could undermine the legitimacy of the trade organization.

Members, including the European Union and China, have asked the WTO to review U.S. steel and aluminium tariffs, which they believe will not enhance U.S. national security, but enhance U.S. economic interests.

According to a speech seen by Bloomberg News Agency, the U.S. delegation said the WTO Dispute Settlement Body that any review of the fundamental security interests of the United States would "undermine the legitimacy of the WTO Dispute Settlement Mechanism, even the overall viability of the WTO in at a meeting on Wednesday."

WTO has long avoided involvement in this confrontation full of political conflict. If the WTO decides to support the United States, it may induce 164 members of the WTO to follow suit and take protectionist actions on national security grounds to gain economic benefits. But if the WTO decides against the United States, President Trump may decide to let the United States leave the WTO.

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