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On 28th Aug, 2018, Explain Of Mineral Separator’s Function In Ore Separating
Aug 28, 2018

On 28th Aug, 2018, Explain of mineral separator’s function in ore separating


1. Feeding part: Smashing the big ores in raw ores, then screening them for getting the qualified material to crushers.

2. Crushing and screening part: Crushing the material further and making it reach to the qualified material to grind.

3. Grinding and classifying part: Further processing the qualified material from crusher for reaching to the size requires of effective floating granularity

4. Flotation part: Achieving the effective flotation by through certain pharmaceutical action

5. Dehydration part: Dehydrating the foam production of flotation makes the water content from about 80% to 15%.

The main mining separators are jaw crusher, fine crusher, ball mill, spiral classifier, flotation machine and press filter. Combining the above function, the separating flow will be more effective.

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