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On 5th Sep, 2018, How To Avoid The Screen Being Damaged And The Solutions
Sep 05, 2018

On 5th Sep, 2018, How to avoid the screen being damaged and the solutions


No matter stone production line, or the sand production line, during production, the crushers and vibrating screen, are essential equipments. For vibrating screen, the biggest role is screening the stone material based on different requires. The screen net is the main part of vibrating screen, because of the influence of different factors, the screen net will be damaged in a certain extent, which has many reasons, like the quality of screen net is not qualified, the screen net is too tight, insufficient net tension, and clay accumulation.

1.The screen net tension is not enough, which is easy to lead the screen net quiver, generally, the screen net edge or edge layering part broke or be damaged

2.The screen net quality is not qualified. Generally, the screen net has two force layers, which including the screening layer and under forced layer, which both layers screen need the good pre tensioning process. If the pre tensioning process is not good, the working efficiency could be low.

3.Clay accumulation leads the amplitude of vibration smaller, which can not overcome the viscous force of clay.  So the material is accumulating to damage the screen net.


Solution to clay accumulation

1. Increase vibration amplitude

2. Flushing the screen net and material by water, but this way is only suitable for the situation of allowing to use water.

3. Adjusting the angle of screen net to make outputting port down, which will be good for debris outputting by gravity separating, but it is also leading pulp running away.

4. Replacement screen net size or adjust the flow of single screen for making the material can be drilling chip can be discharged.


The above is about the main considerations and solutions when the screen nets are damaged, which can reduce or avoid the screen net being damaged fast. Of course, during production, the usual checking and necessary maintaining are effective measures.

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