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On 5th Sep, 2018, How To Use The Jaw Crusher And Make Daily Maintenance?
Sep 05, 2018

On 5th Sep, 2018, How to use the jaw crusher and make daily maintenance?


The working environment of jaw crusher is adverse, during production, wrong operating can lead to the damage of the vulnerable parts, which can bring to many troubles.

So, in daily operating of jaw crusher, the below 11 points required to pay attention:

1. After the jaw crusher running, the material can be inputted.

2. After the material feeding into crusher chamber, the adding material by side is forbidden for avoiding loading change and unilateral sudden increasing.

3. During normal working, bearing temperature rise cannot rise 30, the highest temperature cannot over 70. Otherwise, the jaw crusher is needed to shut down for checking.

4. Before jaw crusher shutting down, the material should be stopped adding, after the material in crushing chmber is crushed out, the jaw crusher can be shut down.

5.During using, if there is material blocking in crushing chamber, the motor should be shut down immediately, after blocking material outputting, the jaw crusher can be used.

6. After one end of jaw plate being wearing, you can turn around for using.

7. The personnel as operating jaw crusher should be educated to have the safe awareness.

8. When jaw crusher working, it is forbidden for peeping from above to down.

9. When jaw crusher working, it is forbidden for making any adjusting or clearing or maintaining.

10. When jaw crusher working, it is forbidden for moving the stone material in crushing chamber from feeding port by hand.

11. The electricity device of jaw crusher should be grounded, and the electricity wire should be packaged to insulated pipes.


The above is about the some problems when using, before using, you can know carefully and operate as this, the jaw crusher using life will be longer and the operating personnel will be safer.

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