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On 8th Nov, 2018, How Many Do You Know About The Most Valuable Ore Belt In China?
Nov 08, 2018

On 8th Nov, 2018, how many do you know about the most valuable ore belt in China?


1.Coal belt in Xinjiang

In March 2012, in the eastern Xinjiang schallsee area 170 square kilometers, coal reserves of up to 130 tons, long-term reserves of more than 640 tons. This is among the most attention is the total number of schallsee coalfield as 25 layer, the total thickness of 174.69 meters, of which 13 mineable coal seams. There is a thick coal seam of coal bearing strata in the lower part, single layer thickness of 141 meters, not only belongs to China crown, thickness after the world famous large coals in Sydney and Bowen in Australia, is currently the most promising world-class large coalfields.

2.Copper belt in Tibet

Tibet is the province with the largest copper reserves in China. 329 copper deposits have been discovered, including 11 large-scale deposits and 6 medium-sized deposits. The potential of copper resources in the whole area amounts to 30 million tons, accounting for more than half of the total.

At present, three large-scale copper metallogenic belts have been found in Tibet, namely, the Yulong copper metallogenic belt in eastern Tibet, the Gangdise copper metallogenic belt in eastern Lhasa-Xikaze, and the Bangong Co-Nujiang copper metallogenic belt in Bangonghu-Naqu area, Ali region. Ore resources, the resources of copper resources in the driving dragon and Jia Ma mining area are expected to exceed 10 million tons. Although the development of copper deposits in Tibet is very difficult and the supporting facilities can not keep up with it, once the problems are solved, the prospects are limitless.

3.Gold belt in Xinjiang

There are as many as 72 gold deposits in 1.66 million square kilometers of Xinjiang, especially the Doranasai gold deposit in Habahe County. 24.23 tons of gold sleeps about 50 kilometers northwest of Habahe County. Only the workers of the No. 3 Gold Mine in Habahe County deal with them every day.

Among them, the No. 1 ore body is the largest one, and its reserves account for about 70% of the total deposit. The surface orebody has good continuity, large shear thickness and gentle dip, which is very conducive to mining. The natural gold of ores is mostly irregular flake, dendritic and granular, with high fineness, averaging 994. The third gold mine adopts the method of all-slime cyanide carbon slurry to extract gold. The leaching rate is 93.26%-96.14%, the recovery rate is 91.20%-92.35%, the tailings grade is 0, 3-0.47 g/t, and the ore's separatability is very good.

4.Tungsten ore belt in Jiangxi

It is noteworthy that the price of tungsten ore, as a strategic resource, has risen sharply and fallen sharply. The price of tungsten concentrate has dropped from 148 dollars/ton in 1981 to 52 dollars/ton in 1996, with a drop of 96 dollars/ton. The reasons for the fluctuating price of tungsten ore are mainly due to over exploitation of tungsten ores and low production technology.

5.Molybdenum ore belt in Shaanxi Jin Di Cheng

China has a rich molybdenum resources, with total reserves of 8 million 400 thousand tons of molybdenum, ranking second in the world. There are 222 proven reserves in 28 provinces. The molybdenum resources in Henan Province are the most abundant, accounting for 30.1% of the total national reserves, followed by Shaanxi and Jilin. The molybdenum reserves in the above three provinces account for more than 56.5% of the total national reserves. However, in terms of mining value and popularity, it still belongs to Jinduicheng super-large molybdenum deposit in Shaanxi Province. Its molybdenum concentrate reserves rank first in the country, and the proven molybdenum resources amount is 1011461.22 tons.

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