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On 8th Nov, 2018. Representativeness Of Ore Dressing Samples.
Nov 08, 2018

On 8th Nov, 2018. Representativeness of Ore Dressing Samples.

 zircon sand

In short, the representative sample should have all the characteristics of the material. For example, to sample a certain ore deposit for beneficiation experiment research and provide design basis for establishing beneficiation plant in the bed, this requires that the sample can represent all the characteristics of the ore studied, specifically including the following aspects:

1. In terms of chemical composition, it refers to the type of chemical composition, average grade and grade change characteristics of the sample.

2. There are many mineral compositions in ores in terms of mineral composition, structure and dissemination characteristics, and only major minerals can be required for sampling.

Structural structure and dissemination characteristics also have a great influence on the mineral separability, but it is difficult to measure with some simple quantitative indicators, which are generally explained in the sampling instructions.

3. Physical and chemical properties and physical and chemical properties of ore include hardness, grindability, temperature, muddy extent, particle size composition, density specific magnetization coefficient, specific conductivity, specific dielectric constant, solubility or salt content, PH value of suspension, etc.

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