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On 13rd Dec, 2018, The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Shaking Table Beneficiation.
Dec 13, 2018

On 13rd Dec, 2018, the advantages and disadvantages of shaking table beneficiation.


In gravity concentrator, shaking table is the most widely used and efficient separating equipment for fine ore separation. Shaking table beneficiation can not only be used as an independent beneficiation method, but also often combined with jig, flotation, magnetic separation and centrifugal concentrator, spiral concentrator, belt chute and other beneficiation equipments.

 shaking table

The main advantages of shaking table beneficiation are:

1.Concentration ratio of beneficiation is very high, up to 300 times.

2.The final concentrate and abandoned tailings can be obtained after only one time beneficiation.

3.Multiple products can be obtained at the same time as needed.

4.Minerals are obviously zoned on the bed surface, so it is convenient to observe, adjust and connect them.

The main shortcomings of shaking table beneficiation are as follows:

1.Low capacity per unit area and large occupancy of plant area

2.Maximum capacity for handling coarse sand, no more than 5 tons per hour per square metre of bed surface

3.In fact, only about 0.5 tons/hour are used to treat fine slime.

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