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The Measures Of Improving The Electrostatic Separator Separating.
Oct 11, 2018

On 11st Oct, 2018 The Measures of Improving the Electrostatic Separator Separating.


For improving the electrostatic separator separating, the prepared projects should be done before electrostatic separating based on the material natures and different operation conditions.

1. Drying

There are constant temperature drying, rotary drying, airflow drying and boiling drying.

2. Desliming and Classification

Generally, before the material fed into the electrostatic separator, the screening should be done in advance.

The classifying of electrostatic material usually use the dry screening, sometimes, it can use the air classify. Besides, the material also can be processed in box type electrostatic separator.

3. The processing the surface of minerials

The electrostatic result depends on the surface of minerals. The surface situation can be changed by artificial methods, such as using chemicals cleaning some parts for forming new surface mold and changing different mineral conductivity, which will be good for separating processing.

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